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There’s nothing worse than a malfunctioning sprinkler system creating a sprinkler system emergency. Sprinklers that are not working properly can quickly turn your entire grass into a bog. Whenever you notice lawn sprinkler damage, call a professional immediately. This is because water runoff can cause untold damage. You might want to shut off the water while you wait so the situation doesn’t worsen. Try these steps:

Check Your Timer
The problem may be with the timer rather than a physical issue if your sprinkler system has turned on itself. Check your timer and make sure it is properly set. See if your sprinkler system automatically turns off after you reset your timer. There may be timer issues if your home’s electrical system or power has recently been disrupted.

Shut Off Your Water Supply
You will need to turn off your water supply if the sprinkler timer adjustment does not work. The water can either be shut off at the main of your home or you can try to shut off the sprinklers in case of an emergency.

Emergency Shut Off
The sprinkler emergency shut off may be used by turning off the valves on the sprinkler system. Usually, they are located at the back of your house, but it depends on what type of sprinkler system you have. A valve like this is typically located on a pipe that descends into the ground.

A instructional guide of how to turn the water off your sprinkler system.

Consult an irrigation repair company over the phone if you can’t figure out how to turn off your sprinkler system. Once you call them, they will direct you on how to turn the water off until they arrive. However, even after you have shut off the water, you will still have to deal with flooding, which a sprinkler company can assist you with.

Sprinkler Repair Emergencies - Emergency Irrigation Repair

Water Leakage From Multiple Zones

When leaks go unchecked, they result in higher water bills. Water flow is controlled by a number of zones in sprinkler systems, so it is critical to check these zones regularly for leaks. They may occur in the diaphragm seal operated by a magnetic solenoid that fluctuates pressure inside the vacuum system. If the diaphragm seal is damaged, water can flow freely through the sprinkler valves at any time, resulting in damage to your yard and a skyrocketing water bill. These areas can be checked by sprinkler repair professionals for damage, faulty valves can be repaired, blockages can be cleared, or an improperly installed sprinkler system can be replaced.

Leak Detection In Irrigation Systems

Do you have a high water bill? A leak may be to blame!

Maintaining your lawn and backyard all year long is possible with a well-functioning irrigation system. The irrigation, unlike other plumbing systems, is often exposed to damage from external forces, unlike other plumbing systems that are nestled under the foundation of the house and internal to the walls. Your irrigation system is susceptible to leaks and breaks due to weather conditions like high winds and lawnmowers.


No matter what the problem, if you have an emergency sprinkler repair we have you covered. We will drop every thing in hopes of minimizing damage and destruction of your landscaping at your property.

How Can I Determine If Sprinkler Repair Is An Emergency?

An emergency sprinkler repair can occur at any time due to a malfunctioning system. It’s crucial to look for signs of trouble because it could ruin your landscaping, your lawn and cost you money to clean up. Check out how to diagnose system issues and who to contact for Denver sprinkler repairs.

Emergency Sprinkler Repair Services You Can Count On

Irrigation systems are important investments, as are the lawn and landscape they maintain.

In the event of a sprinkler irrigation system failure, your lawn also suffers. Whatever type of sprinkler system or parts you need, we will send you a technician as soon as possible to fix the problem.

We Offer 24-Hour Emergency Sprinkler Service
Even the best-maintained irrigation systems, they can experience problems. Should a lawnmower clip your head, our service line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you need assistance.

If a major issue arises with your irrigation system, contact Sprinklers Evergreen And Landscape. We’ll have a technician at your place as soon as possible if you contact our emergency irrigation service at [phone]. 

sprinkler valve leak repair near me

You May Have An Irrigation Leak If You See Any Of These Signs:

Dying lawn – If parts of your lawn appear to be dry or dying, it could indicate they are not receiving enough water. Find out if there are any leaks that are causing this issue.

Increased Water Bill – Have you noticed that you’re being charged more for water but aren’t using more than usual? That may be a sign of a leak outside.

Wet Spots – Do you have areas of your lawn that are always wet? Generally, irrigation systems are designed to circulate just enough water to enable plant growth. When there is excess moisture, this may indicate a leak.

Physical Damage – Have you recently had a pipe burst? Has a valve broken? A sprinkler  head shooting water into the air like a fountain signals a problem. In the same way, if your control valves are constantly dripping, you have a leak.

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An innovative irrigation system can save you time and effort, which you can devote toward more rewarding duties like spreading new seeds or simply relaxing and admiring the greenery.

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