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Retaining walls are often the most effective approach for controlling erosion, retaining material, or acting as a freestanding barrier between two regions. These walls provide year-round protection for your property and the plant life that grows there. With a complimentary outdoor patio design or custom water feature, we can help you create an outdoor living space that will increase your property value and make you the envy of your neighborhood.

Denver Retaining Wall Construction Services

As part of the company’s comprehensive landscaping services, Sprinkler Evergreen And Landscape constructs, installs, and designs custom retaining walls for your Denver, CO residential landscaping needs.

There is a wide range of terrain in the Denver metro area – from flat to steeply graded. Our Denver retaining wall contractors have a huge amount of experience building and designing custom retaining walls. Our ideas and designs are personalized for each of our customers so that they can enjoy them for many years to come. In order to create a comfortable outdoor living space, we build retaining walls that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

For the perfect backyard landscape, you need a custom retaining wall. In areas such as Denver where there is a lot of hilly or sloped terrain, these walls often play an important role in controlling erosion. Using block and stone walls to shape your landscape and provide proper drainage for the Denver snow and rain runoff is a landscaping a common recommendation for homeowners.

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Our Denver retaining wall design and installation services can add beauty and value to your property.

Types of Landscaping Retaining Walls

Our landscaping professionals are skilled at constructing and installing the most effective and intriguing retaining walls for Denver clients.

To create retaining wall designs that range from modern to earthy, we use a wide range of materials, from concrete interlocking blocks to stone, wood, and brick retaining wall materials. Regardless of the material you choose for your retaining wall, we keep your retaining wall cost within your budget. The following are some of the types of retaining wall projects we specialize in:

  • Stone Veneer Retaining Walls
  • Brick Retaining Walls
  • Wood Retaining Wall
  • Stone Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining walls make great focal points in your garden. Any outdoor setting can be enhanced by adding dimension, depth, and wonder with retaining walls.

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Your exterior is the first impression of your property. Let us partner with you to create an inviting environment to welcome you and your guests.

What Are The Structural Benefits Of Retaining Walls?

The majority of outdoor living areas require retaining walls. In many Denver area neighborhoods the slope in the yard is too steep. In these cases, you could not prevent soil from eroding in your yard, making it unusable.

In Denver, many yards would be unusable without terracing. It adds new dimensions to landscaping by providing multiple levels of usable space. Putting paver walkways in and around terraces makes them look even more beautiful.

Our retaining walls can enhance the functionality and beauty of your home and yard for years to come, whether you want an ornamental tree planter, elevated garden bed, or to build a retaining wall along a hill or ridge.

Retaining walls can be designed to be beautiful and functional without requiring engineering. Furthermore, they are more affordable than costly structural retaining walls.

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Building Retaining Walls to Last

Depending on the height of a retaining wall, the size of its foundation will vary. It is necessary to install footings below ground level. Our team will determine if drainage pipes are required or if weep holes can be installed in the wall to drain water.

In order for the road base in the footings and the soil behind the retaining wall to be compacted, the road base must be placed in 8 inch lifts. The soil must then be compacted to prevent the soil from sinking. If this is not done properly, the wall will collapse.

Generally, some water will pass through retaining walls, but in many cases drainage needs to be provided behind the wall at ground level to prevent the wall from breaking or allowing build-up. To prevent cracks or bulges in your retaining wall blocks, our walls are designed to provide drainage channels.

In general, if you have a retaining wall 4 feet high, you should plant larger trees and shrubs 4 feet away from the wall. Smaller plants and borders can be planted wherever you like. In the Denver metro area, retaining walls taller than 4 feet will usually require plans and specs from an engineer.

Our Specialties In Retaining Walls & Flatwork Services Include:

  • Stone or Boulder Walls – The stones in the wall are irregularly shaped and puzzle-pieced together.
  • Timber Walls – Timbers that are treated and assembled with nails and rebar.
  • Decorative and designer, Pavestone walls are more formal in appearance. They are available in many colors and patterns.
  • Stucco/concrete block walls.
  • Natural stone veneer

if you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact our office to see if we can provide any additional, customized options for your retaining wall project.

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